OL’DIRTY 2019 :: 9AM 22 SEPT 2019

Mic check. Volume, 11.

On 22 September 2019

you are required to assemble in the pre-designated parade ground at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp at precisely 0915 hours to await your mission briefing. Intelligence will bring you up to speed on the 55km of quality hard-packed gravel trails, paths, foxholes, and singletrack that climb 1,500m en route to your allocated rendezvous point.

Privates, this may be Australia’s largest gravel grind in it’s eighth year – however we don’t expect everyone to have the 4-1-1 on the fact that this is a sanctioned lycra party, not a race. You are expected to un-behave accordingly. Do you understand?

Commandeer an entry before July 31 and we’ll post you your custom Ol’Dirty buff, stat. So you can wear it All Winter Long. Limited tickets available.

Until September 23, At ease.




It wouldn’t be an Ol’Dirty production without aural propaganda by The Soup Boys(check the 2017 Ol’Dirty playlist here), a steaming cup of hot Joe on arrival, hard liquor and free-flowing (pre-purchased!) beer in the officer’s bar, a mid-ride ration drop, and a mess hall for your post-ride lunch. You’ll also be heading home with your boot locker full, including a custom buff, a set of event dog tags, and your own canteen/flask.

Ol’Dirty custom neck buff
Custom dog tags
Pre-ride batch brew
Mid-ride ration drop and hydration
Post-ride lunch
Access to professionally shot Instagram fodder
Tickets $85




HQ has advised that the course is 55km in length, with the start, mid-point rest stop, and finish all located in the same place. As the course climbs away from the village it means that from any point on the course you need to retreat, you are only a short downhill and flat hard-packed ride away from the event village via the Mt Evelyn Pipeline track.
Featuring a variety of terrain, topography, and geology you’ll pass through Sequoia forests, lush fern gullies, along forgotten aqueducts, and botanic arboretums on a mixture of hard-packed gravel, soft singletrack, leaf-carpets, and rich dark earth.


Our intel suggests that the majority of this year’s course is on hard-packed well-drained gravel. There are a number of single track sectors, many of which are optional (but, why wouldn’t you – it’s the best part). If it has been raining in the lead in to the event these will be a little soft in places. There is a small amount of clay which will be slippery in the wet.
You’ll find a number of low logs (most of which seem to be at a 45 degree angle to the tracks) so being able to bunny hop half a foot is an advantage. The single track that has been selected for the course is not technical, and is equivalent to any mission you have completed on the Yarra Trails (with a bit more climbing).
You’ll be provided with a GPX route in the week leading up to the ride, and in addition there is extensive on-course signage. There are bail-out options for the majority of the single track sectors, as well as opportunities to go AWOL should your interest be in more technical terrain.
The staging location out of Mount Evelyn Recreational Camp will be your rendezvous point for the start, mid-point rest and refuel stop, and finish. In addition to the toilets here, you’ll also find these out on course at two other occasions. Parking is recommended at the adjacent Mount Evelyn Recreational Reserve, or alternatively further from the start with a ride in.
Gather additional intel via The Facebook.



…but that doesn’t mean bringing a knife to a gunfight. We recommend Gravel Grinders, CX bikes, or MTB (a dually is overkill). Leave the roadie at home this year, grunts. Based on extensive course reconnoissance, we have the following recommendations:


You are going to be faster on the hard-packed gravel sectors, and slower on the singletrack. Opt for a wider tyre, and if there has been any rainfall the singletrack sectors are likely to be soft in places. We strongly suggest a tyre with a small amount of bead (think G-Ones as a minimum).


A great all-round choice given the non-challenging singletrack included in the course. Run a tyre with a small amount of bead as a minimum. While not as easy as riding MTB, you’ll have a lot of fun on a CX.


Riding MTB you are going to be slower through the hard-packed sectors, but you’ll find the singletrack a breeze. If you are planning on riding MTB we’d recommend a hardtail or locking out your suspension if a dually (it’s a bit of overkill, but you’ll still have a blast).




In preparation for Ol’Dirty we’ve joined forces with KernCycling,
utilising advanced Cuore lycra technology to develop a tactical uniform for The Erryday Soldier.

Following extensive reconnoissance in country, our mission briefing was to deliver fatigues
that would blend seamlessly into your surroundings – be it a lush fern backdrop, or sticky Silvan mud.

No uniform is complete without appropriate insignia. Every order will come with a pre-assigned pack
of cloth badges, including our Ol’Dirty custom roundel.

* * * *

Pre-orders (this is an order!) must be submitted to mission HQ by August 12. Kit collection takes place from 0730 hours on Sunday 23 September at the Ol’Dirty event. If collecting on the day utilise the code: BOOTCAMP to avoid postage charges on this item.

Ordering from out of town? We’ll promptly dispatch your kit for delivery late September.

* * * *