Epic banner 2

The Hells 500 annual epic (read: earning the grey stripe)

  • 2009 epic: 7 Peaks fastest completion attempt – 49 hours, 31 minutes (Included 2 sleeps, and weather ranging from 38 degrees at Lake Mountain to 4 degrees and raining at Falls Creek). Included over 1,200km driving


  • 2010 epic: 7 Peaks fastest completion record – 34 hours, 49 minutes (We tightened up the route, changed the order of completion, and basically just rode a lot faster)


  • 2011 epic: Hells 500 (The concept: Ride the hardest one day cycling event (3 Peaks), then in reverse the next day, then add Buffalo. 2 days, 500km, 10,000 vertical metres)


  • 2012 epic: Three Long Five High (The concept: Complete a 300km day. In the hills. 300km, 6,000 vertical metres. Tough.)


  • 2013 epic: Crux (The concept: Take Melbourne’s benchmark for a big day in the hills – The Crucifix – and flip it on it’s head with a three-peat. 220km, 5,600 vertical metres)


  • 2014 epic: 33 riders stamped their name as the first rider to ‘everest’ a climb by riding repeats until they hit 8,848m www.everesting.cc

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